About Our DJs

DJ Jimmy T, Owner

DJ Jimmy T, Owner of DJ Jimmy T Entertainment LLC

 Jim is the Owner/CEO of DJ Jimmy T Entertainment LLC.  As a full-time licensed and insured professional disc jockey company that serves MD, DE, PA, NJ, and NY and it is his mission to take the guesswork out of choosing your disc jockey. Jim wants your party to exceed your expectations and makes your concerns first in every facet of your event. He has a genuine desire to make your event fun and memorable. Proper attire, enthusiastic attitude, extensive music knowledge and the coordination skill of his disc jockeys makes his company your best choice in entertainment. 

 You can Contact Jimmy aka DJ Denny T at:  Text/Call: 443-807-8785 

Email: Jim@DjJimmyT.com  


DJ DENNY G with DJ Jimmy T Entertainemnt LLC

Dennis Greensfelder, aka DJ Denny G has 8 years of experience in open format, meaning he is versatile in any genre of music. He has DJ'd many of weddings and events. Graduate of The Broadcasting Institute of Maryland. Dennis is willing to do what ever he can to make your experience the best. 

You can Contact Dennis aka DJ Denny G at:  

Text/Call: 410-487-1600 

Email: Dennis@DjJimmyT.com 

DJ V-Las

DJ V-Las with DJ Jimmy T Entertainemnt LLC


Darian Granger, also known as DJ V-Las joined the company as a young energetic DJ, with 4 ​years of experience. He specializes in Open Format, Pop, Top 40, Old School, Hip Hop, R & B, and House/EDM. DJ V-Las is a 2001 graduate of Mt Zion Baptist Christian School. We  are are happy to have him on the team, as ​he adds a new dynamic.


You can Contact Darian aka DJ V-Las at:  

Text/Call: 443-722-4790 

Email: Darian@DjJimmyT.com 

DJ Falco

DJ Falco with DJ Jimmy T Entertainemnt LLC


Christopher Zwald, also known as DJ Falco, is a disk jockey hailing out of Anne Arundel, MD. He is a an avid fan of music as well as an overall cheerful individual. He has been a DJ for several years and his love for music is reflected in every event he performs. His musical style is open-format and not restricted to a certain genre. His main goal to ensure every individual in the room has a great and memorable time.

You can Contact Christopher aka DJ Falco at: Text/Call: 443-223-4503

Email: ChrisZ@DjJimmyT.com

DJ S-Moz

DJ S-Moz with DJ Jimmy T Entertainemnt LLC

 Tyrone aka DJ S-Moz is highly enthusiastic and has been DJing Open Format since 2001. Meaning, he is versatile in any genre of music. Tyrone's DJ style is described as Vintage/Retro, combining old with new technology using vinyl records, CD's, and other music formats.  

You can Contact Tyrone aka DJ S-Moz at: 
Text/Call: 717-414-8269
Email: Tyrone@DjJimmyT.com 

DJ Matty Mark

DJ Matty Mark of DJ Jimmy T Entertainment LLC

Matt aka DJ Matty Mark has been DJing Open Format and Karaoke for over 5 years, and has extensive music knowledge! Matt has a great personality and the always picks the perfect songs to make your party great. Matt always keeps the dance floor moving. He comes to us from another company where he has numerous weddings under his belt, with positive reviews. 

You can Contact Matt aka DJ Matty Mark at: 
Text/Call: 443-690-7049
Email: Matt@DjJimmyT.com 

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